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Stone with Soul

The growing appreciation of travertine goes hand in hand with the growing appreciation for the honesty and authenticity of natural materials. Travertine’s warm tones, natural imperfections, and soft tactility brilliantly express the materiality of the Earth, fast making it a stone of choice for designers.


A form of limestone, travertine exhibits beautiful veining and a vibrant texture with a unique patina – in which new details can be discovered with every use.


Tones and Textures

In GUBI’s shades of Neutral White, Warm Taupe or Burnt Red, travertine creates a focal point of differing intensity, bringing personality, naturalness, and tactility to interior spaces. These are groupings of natural colorways and so variations occur between pieces, making each one unique. They can work together in clusters to portray a diverse and yet coherent color spectrum or as individual pieces in their own right.

Formed over millennia by the heat and pressure of hot springs and limestone caves, the stone develops tiny channels and holes as gas and water escapes from the surface, resulting in distinctive patterns and textures. Because of this, travertine can express many different tones and variations, even within the same colors.

Warm Taupe
Detail_EpicCoffeeTable_02 (1).jpg

Warm Taupe is a beautifully nuanced shade of soft brown-gray, with undertones of green and a wavy striation pattern. It will imbue a sense of calm into even the most vibrant schemes.

Neutral White

An understated colorway that lets the texture of the stone take centerstage, Neutral White is the minimalist option, perfect for a calm, quiet space or as a moment’s pause in combination with the other colors.

Burnt Red

The fiery tones of Burnt Red are echoed in the flamed pattern of the surface creating an unexpected effect from a natural stone that is sure to make a bold statement at the heart of any interior.


In both form and name, the two collections reflect travertine’s enduring appeal across the ages. Epic is inspired by Greek and Roman architecture – as exemplified by Classical travertine constructions such as the Colosseum – and references the columns of Ancient Greece in its circles and hexagons. The TS Collection, by contrast, looks to the modern day.

Bringing Travertine to Life

The intrinsic value of travertine as a natural stone is rooted in our planet, our history, and our origin – a heritage which becomes solid and sculptural in GUBI’s Epic and TS Collections by GamFratesi.


The use of Italian travertine in both collections is the result of a shared journey of discovery GUBI and GamFratesi took into this unique stone.




By positioning travertine at the heart of their expression, GamFratesi has created a celebration of these unusual stones and natural finishes. The raw tactility and all three travertine colors are brought to life across the Epic Collection’s three coffee table sizes.


Explore our Travertine Table Collection

Gubi Epic Coffee Table Round 80cm Neutral White Travertine.jpg
Gubi Epic Coffee Table Round 80cm Burnt Red Travertine.jpg
Gubi Epic Dining Table Round 130cm Neutral White Travertine.jpg
Gubi Epic Coffee Table Round 60cm Vibrant Grey Travertine.jpg
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