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Work From Home


Working from home for months on end can easily leave one complacent and lackadaisical. But just because we no longer dress up for work, it doesn't mean our home office has to suffer the same fate. If anything, we here at tidløs cannot think of a better opportunity to up our desk game with the latest and greatest. Here we have handpicked five essentials that can really help spice up our otherwise monotonous daily routine.

Brass Pencil Holder | Ferm Living


We might have already left the analogue world years, if not decades ago, ushering the digital age with open arms and leaving the good old pen and paper behind us. Yet even if you are not the nostalgic type or your work is all done on a computer, there is no doubt that it is always handy to have some stationary lying around. So to help you keep all those essentials close to you, all while adding a bit of style and tidiness to you new work set up, we have this Brass Pencil Holder from Ferm Living. Sculpted with solid brass with a matte finish to ensure that this beautiful addition to your desk will still look brand new well past the pandemic. 

Tip Table Lamp | Muuto


Designed with the vision to strip a table lamp down to the essentials, the Tip Table Lamp is the perfect fit for any work-from-home setup; only the things you need and nothing more.

This stunningly simplistic lamp from Muuto is the creation of Jens Fager, a young Swedish designer who is already making an international impact across with exhibitions across the Europe.

With an aluminium chassis paired with a built-in energy efficient LED bulb so you don't have to worry about a thing while you power on through the night.

Alza Bowl | Ferm Living


We get it, it isn't always easy to keep the home office like a showroom, we all have off-days or off-weeks... even.

So to give you an upper hand, we found this gem to give you not just any throw-everything-in pot, but an incredibly beautiful yet sturdy all marble bowl.

The Alza Bowl from Ferm Living comes in Black Indian Selwara Marble (pciture above) as well as White Indian Banswara Marble.

Fiber Armchair | Muuto


The quickest way to up any work-from-home setup is to have a hero piece and most of the time that would from the chair department.  The stylish yet practical Muuto Fiber Armchair will definitely fit that criteria. A creation of the legendary design duo Iskos-Berlin is clear from the moment you set eyes on the stunning chair. Combined with a swivel base, a gas lift and castors, this chair ticks all the right boxes.

This Muuto armchair can also be customized in a vast range of colors to better fit your home setup.

2x2 Organiser | Ferm Living


It is very easy to get complacent spending weeks after weeks, if not months, working at home. All of us are going through a steep adjusting curve and trying to balance it all through new sets of rules and routines imposed on us. Keeping it all together can be a challenging. So to help bring a little bit of order to what might about to be, or already is, a very messy desk, we have the 2x2 Organise in Cashmere by Ferm Living.


Designed by Jamie Wolfond whose unconventional manufacturing techniques shines though here by using two pieces of metal that are bent and soldered together to create separate trays that can be stacked on top of each other.

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