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Featuring Stories

Ripple Rhapsody


by Duck and Cover

Our home is so much more than just a place. It’s a feeling, a scent, a taste. The sense of home is connected to our personality and memories, yet something we want all our guests to experience and get a taste of. That is why Ferm Living teamed up with the brilliant bartender of the Copenhagen bar Duck and Cover, Kasper Riewe-Høegh, who created their very own signature drink, served in the Ripple Long Drink Glasses. Made with homemade rhubarb co rdial, gin and Aperol, it’s a taste of the home, and its called Ripple Rhapsody. To make sure there is a drink for everyone, Kasper Riewe-Høegh also created a set of matching drinks to be served in the Ripple Champagne Saucers and Ripple Glasses: A champagne cocktail and a non-alcoholic espresso-tonic.

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